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North Campus Quiet Spaces

STEM Library EntranceThe STEM Library is located in the William E. Kirwan Building. Group study rooms are located on the third floor and can be reserved. Numerous quiet space are located throughout the library.

STEM Library in Kirwin Hall Location

Library entranceThe Michele Smith Performing Arts Library is located in the Clarice Center. The library is the central location on the College Park campus for music, theatre, and dance materials. It contains a main reading room, other rooms for study and meeting. Study rooms can be reserved.


Entrance to Kim BuildingThe Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building is described as a "is a research and education center where state-of-the-art labs are shared across departments to encourage cross-disciplinary work, facilities and layout encourage both major conferences and small, impromptu discussions where new ideas are exchanged, spacious design and communications systems foster a spirit of openness, and the very construction components serve as a working laboratory."

Available Study Spaces

Lobby: Near the main entrance, 5 small tables with chairs for individual or group study
Bio engineering lounge: 1st floor, Tables and chairs for individual and group study
East/West Lounge: 2nd floor, Tables and chairs for individual and group study
Lockheed Martin Study Lounge: 2nd floor, Tables and chairs for individual and group study as well as couches

Jeong H. Kim Location

Front to Stamp Student UnionAdele H. Stamp Student Union, commonly referred to as "Stamp", is the student activity center on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. Stamp houses many of the university's student organizations.

Ground Level

Ground floor map Baltimore Room - 0240 Stamp
This spacious area is additional seating for the food court so there is ample tables and chairs available to students as well as natural lighting with a wall of windows.

First Floor

First floor map Stamp Gallery - 1220 Stamp Take in the latest exhibit while you relax and contemplate in one of our bean bag chairs.
West Lounge/Reading Room - 1105 Stamp
This quiet reading room located on the Union Lane side of the building offers large tables and some soft furniture for your studying pleasure.
Other lounge areas with comfortable seating are located throughout the first floor.

Second Floor

Second floor mapLounge Areas
Two lounge areas can be found outside the Pyon Su room and outside of the Colony Ballroom with soft furniture available.

Stamp Student Union Location

Entrance to Hornbake LibraryHornbake Library is the home of Library Media Services and Special Collections and University Archives. The library offers quiet study space for both individuals and groups. Individual study carrels are located on the Ground and 2nd floors. Group study areas are available throughout the library. Wi-Fi is available for laptop use throughout the building.

Aerial photo of the Chemistry CourtyardThe Chemistry Courtyard is one of the gardens that is part of UMD's Campus Arboretum & Botanical Garden. The describe the building best: "Chemistry Courtyard is rectangular in shape and surrounded by buildings on all four sides, with an open-air entrance on Stadium Drive. It has the protected feeling of a cloister, with an arcade on the East side, a lush green center lawn, curving brick walkways, and a patio with seating outside the Atrium on the West side. The views of the courtyard from the buildings are very calming. This calm feeling is enhanced through the use of a variety of plant material, including native and exotic trees, shrubs, and perennials." Sounds inviting.

Aerial photo of the Chemistry CourtyardThe Dessie M. and James R. Moxley, Jr., Gardens is at Riggs Alumni Center next to the stadium. With its fountain and bench seating, the courtyard can be a quiet place to study and reflect. It's available whenever the gates are open and an event is not scheduled.
Moxley Gardens Location