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Central Campus Quiet Spaces

Entrance to Edward. St. John buildingThe Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center (ESJ) features twelve new general purpose classrooms and nine state-of-the art chemistry teaching labs, complimented by a wide variety of informal collaborative learning and study spaces throughout the building. Seating in Edward. St. John buildingAll twelve TERP Classrooms are designed to support active-learning/team-based pedagogies.

Huddleroom interior in Edward. St. John buildingHuddle Rooms
Huddle Rooms are intimate conference rooms where students can have meetings, work on class projects, or connect with collaborators around the world. At least three people must be using the space in order to reserve. They can be reserved two weeks in advance, up to three hours at a time.
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Other Study Spaces
Rooms 1214, 1206, 1208, 1210, 1212, 1230, 1232
Small rooms for individual or group study (mostly groups), seats 6, room 1212 seats 10
0215, 1202, 1215, 1309, 2212 Large classrooms that can be used for group study, tables are set up for groups of 6
First floor: Tables, chairs, & couches for individual & group study
Second floor: Tables, chairs, & couches for individual & group study
Basement: Tables, chairs, & couches for individual & group study
Level G: Small tables and large table for individual and group study, also some couches

Edward St. John Location

Art Library entranceMcKeldin Library is the main library on campus. You can find space to study quietly or work in groups, get help with any phase of your research project, and borrow laptops or textbooks. McKeldin floors 3-7 are largely quiet individual spaces. The fourth floor has a 200 seat quiet reading room as well as a 30 seat silent study space. The rear of the first floor is also largely quiet. There are also self-reserved study carrels throughout.

McKeldin Library Location

Art Library entranceThe Art Library is located on the second floor of the Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building. The Art Library houses more than 100,000 volumes in the areas of art history, archaeology, decorative arts and studio arts, including photography and graphic design. In addition to the print monograph and journal collection, the Library also provides access to a wide variety of art-related electronic resources.
Location of the Art Museum in the Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building

When the day's teaching hours are over, these buildings have classrooms that may be available to for student use. Some rooms may be scheduled for evening classes.

mall entrance to Tydings Hall Tydings Hall

entrance to Taliaferro Hall Taliaferro Hall

mall entrance to Francis Scott Key Hall Francis Scott Key Hall

entrance to Skinner Building Skinner Building

mall entrance to Woods Hall Woods Hall

entrance to Marie Mount Hall Marie Mount Hall

The courtyard seatingThe courtyard is located behind the Benjamin Building, this Garden Courtyard allows students to study within amazing greenery that will boost their mood and calm their minds as they study, meditate, or even relax in between classes!
Location of the Benjamin Building Courtyard

seating in Tawes PlazaEquipped with benches and tables with umbrellas, the Tawes Garden Plaza is the perfect outdoor space to meditate, relax, or mingle! Once week, the Farmer’s Market sells produce and other food items. Discover more about the Tawes Garden Plaza

Pathway in the Peace and Friendship GardenThe Peace and Friendship Garden is one of the University of Maryland Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. A short walk from Tawes Plaza Garden across parking lots 1C and 1D, this garden is located in a quiet section of campus, off Presidential Drive close to the Marriott Hotel and to University College. The Arboretum and Botanical Gardens describes the garden as inspired by "Chinese style gardens through the use of asymmetry, art, stone, water, colors/ textures, and various plant materials." And it is quiet, too.
Location of the Peace and Friendship Garden