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The Quiet Spaces Project

Welcome to the UMD First Year Quiet Spaces Guide. We understand that as more and more students arrive on campus, it may be hard trying to find a table at McKeldin Library to study, so we have created this guide for you to find a quiet space to study/meditate, wherever you are on campus!

A Quiet campus Space

A quiet space that is open to members of the general campus community can be hard to find. However, they are many of them scattered across campus, both indoors and out. They include quiet corners in many campus libraries, outdoor seating areas (many with water features), and study areas in non-residence buildings from one end of the campus to the other.

Students at outside fountain tables

Locating a Quiet Space

To locate a quiet space do the following:

  • Use the map below to find your location in one of three areas— North, Central, or South.
  • Go to that area's page for a list of all spaces.
  • The page includes a description of the space, pictures, and a link to it's location on a Google map.

Residence Halls

Although residence halls are not open to the general campus population, they are included here because the halls do provide quiet spaces for residents and those with card access.

Add A Quiet Space

empty study roomIf you have a quiet space you would like to contribute to this guide we would like to hear from you.The space can be in a building that is open to the campus community (that is, not a residence hall) or be an outdoor space. Email the location to

Where to find A Campus Quiet Space

North Campus

These spaces are located above Campus Drive, such as Stamp Student Union and Hornbake Library

Central Campus

These spaces are primarily located on or near the mall.

South Campus

These spaces are located below Chapel Drive and those buildings adjacent to the mall.