The University wants you to get off to a good start academically, to acquire and use the tools that will help you succeed in your studies and achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals. The CORE Fundamental Studies requirements in English and mathematics provide powerful tools for your success. We think they are so important that we want you to understand their intent and potential for you. It is well worth your time to heighten your awareness of these requirements and what you can get out of them by putting your best efforts into them right from the start.

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Professional Writing

Over the years, graduates have written to say that Professional Writing was one of the most useful courses they took as students at the University. No doubt, you will look back on your Professional Writing course after graduation as a turning point in becoming an effective, self-assured writer.

How is Professional Writing different from Freshman Writing?

Professional Writing courses link your general education to the specialized studies of your major and link your specialized studies to the world at large. You will not write personal essays in Professional Writing or communications to other people in your major; instead, you will learn to build verbal bridges between your special field and the minds of people from other fields who need the information you have. For example, as an economics major, you may need to explain to your roommate, an English major, the impact of various hiring trends on her job prospects. At just the time you are beginning to distinguish yourself in a particular discipline, you must learn to communicate what you know to those from other disciplines. We believe that such an ability will help you develop into educated citizens to the extent that you are able to write responsible and informed prose for general readers.

See the Professional Writing Program website for comprehensive information on the program and its requisite courses.

Professional Writing: Program placement

Getting a grade of "A" in ENGL 101 will exempt a student from the Professional Writing requirement, unless the student is in the College of Engineering. All engineering students are required to take ENGL 393.

How many versions of Professional Writing are there and which should I take?

Any version of Professional Writing will provide you with a solid foundation in writing across and beyond the curriculum; however, different versions concentrate on writing in specific settings, applying general writing principles to a range of possibilities. Some majors specify or recommend a particular version.

ENGL 390: Science Writing

ENGL 391: Advanced Composition

ENGL 392: Legal Writing

ENGL 393: Technical Writing

ENGL 394: Business Writing

ENGL 395: Writing for the Health Professions

ENGL 398: Topics in Professional Writing