The University wants you to get off to a good start academically, to acquire and use the tools that will help you succeed in your studies and achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals. The CORE Fundamental Studies requirements in English and mathematics provide powerful tools for your success. We think they are so important that we want you to understand their intent and potential for you. It is well worth your time to heighten your awareness of these requirements and what you can get out of them by putting your best efforts into them right from the start.

Academic Writing

Professional Writing

Fundamental Studies Mathematics


Academic Writing

Freshman Writing Program 301-405-3771 or 301-405-3770

Academic Writing: Course Descriptions

English 101: Academic Writing
This course is a rigorous introduction to college level writing. It teaches students how to construct and develop issues, analyze and create arguments, use and represent sources, and revise and improve their prose.

English 101A: Intensive Academic Writing
This version of English 101 has smaller classes and gives greater attention to problems in grammar and sentence structure.

English 101H: Honors Academic Writing
Students with SAT-verbal scores of 600 or above, or with an AP of 4 or 5 in either Language and Composition or Literature and Composition, and students in the University Honors Program. This course is strongly recommended for students who have tested out of 101 but want to increase their writing ability.

English 101X: Intensive Academic Writing--ESL
This version of English 101 is for students whose first language is not English. Classes are smaller and greater attention is paid to grammar and to other aspects of written English that are of concern to non-native speakers/writers.

*Note* ENGL 101 may also have other suffixes that indicate sections for students in special programs

Students are required to attempt the Fundamental Studies Academic Writing requirement within their first 30 credits, and to successfully complete the requirement by 60 credits.