Call for Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows 2016-2017: Academic Integrity and Student Learning

Each year a faculty learning community is formed to address an issue of importance to undergraduate education. Weekly meetings of the Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows are led by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center. Tenured, tenure-track and professional-track faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.
Please consider joining the Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows 2016-2017 to investigate Academic Integrity and Student Learning.


Asian American Studies Program Shares in $500K National Science Foundation Grant for Extensive Survey of Asian Americans in the United States

Professor Janelle Wong
Professor Janelle Wong, Director of
Asian American Studies Program
Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial group in the United States, but despite their rapid growth and remarkable diversity, Asian Americans remain an understudied group whose experiences and attitudes are not reflected in national polls. To address this gap, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a multi-campus team of researchers, including the University of Maryland, a $507,132 grant to undertake the most extensive study of Asian Americans to date.

The team includes Janelle Wong, professor of American Studies and director of the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Maryland; Karthick Ramakrishnan, associate dean of public policy and professor of political science at UC Riverside; Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology at UC Irvine; and Taeku Lee, professor of political science and law at UC Berkeley.

“Funding from the National Science Foundation shows that research on Asian Americans is becoming more of a national priority,” said Professor Wong, co-principal investigator on the project.

Read more about the grant and the project.


Undergraduate Studies News & Events Rundown

Donna B. Hamilton Teaching Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education
Undergraduate Studies Program Teaching Award: Todd Cooke, Professor of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

General Education Teaching Award: Randy Ontiveros, Associate Professor of English

Logo for ISeries courses The I-Series course Gambling in the New Millennium uses gambling as a "prism to view economics, religion, government, public policy, public health, marketing, consumer behaviors," says Associate Professor Stephen McDaniel. More about the course.

Naval ROTCUndergraduate Studies welcomes Naval ROTC to the University of Maryland. The program is recruiting students now for its inaugural class to begin in the fall of 2016. The program is for both Navy and Marines.

For more news see the Undergraduate Studies Newsletter.

IVSP LogoIndividual Studies students Sade Ayinde recently returned from study in India, and Irene Solaiman is at the National University in Singapore. This summer Sade will be at Princeton on an international relations fellowship, and Irene is authorized for a U.S. embassy posting in Tanzania. More about these two students.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies

The Office develops and directs high impact undergraduate programs and manages campus-wide policies and initiatives. Focused on student success, the Office strives to ensure every undergraduate student's access to campus courses and programs, enhancement of the academic experience, and graduation. The Office of Undergraduate Studies leads General Education, transformative teaching initiatives, and campus-wide advising guidelines and practices. The Office encompasses many critical units, programs, and activities, including:

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  • Federal Semester, Global Semester in Washington, DC, and Hillman Entrepreneurs
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Undergraduate Studies Teaching and Staff Awards

Undergraduate Studies Program Teaching Award: Todd Cooke, Professor of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

General Education Teaching Award:Randy Ontiveros, Associate Professor of English

Non-Exempt/Exempt Undergraduate Studies Staff Award: Dario Middleton, Counselor and Advisor in the Academic Achievement Program

Graduate Student Staff Award: Hannah Jardine, Integrated Life Sciences, Honors College

Undergraduate Student Staff Award
Gira Patel, Asian American Studies


Other News of Note

The Teagle Foundation is bringing the liberal arts into closer academic and intellectual alignment with professional schools and programs. UMD's General Education I-Series courses developed by the College of Engineering are included in the Teagle Foundation case studies from U.S. and Canadian schools of engineering.

Megan Forbes Cleaver and Leah Howell of the Pre-Transfer Advising Office are the 2016 winners for Innovative Academic Support Initiative. The award is given annually by the Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education

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