Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Meet the Officers

Matt Varakian, President

Hey guys, I’m Matt and I’m from New Jersey. I transferred to UMD in the fall of 2015 to pursue a major in astronomy and I’ve also added a minor in planetary science. I love anything space related (big surprise there) and I’m also really into sports and the outdoors. I’m involved in the Terrapin Trail club and the Astroterps, and I also play intramural sports and volunteer at the campus observatory. If you ever want to talk space then I’m your guy, I love answering questions. I’m really excited about this upcoming year with Tau Sigma, and I hope you guys are too! With a year now under my belt I want to be able to help out anyone who may be experiencing the struggles of transferring. So whether you transferred here a year or two ago or are just starting now, believe me when I say Tau Sigma is great way to get involved and meet people that are probably in similar situations to your own. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and I wish you all the best of luck. Go Terps!

Nancy Padden, Vice President

My name is Nancy and I transferred to UMD for the fall 2015 semester. I am pursuing a degree in Sociology with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management. I am interested in just about everything and I really enjoy having long conversations with people. I love reading, cooking, watching movies, spending time with friends and family, and going on adventures. I can't wait to meet more Tau Sigma members and help plan some really cool events!

Dominique Samuels, Secretary

My name is Dominique Samuels and I am from Columbia, Maryland and have lived there my whole life. I transferred to University of Maryland from Frostburg State University in Fall 2015. Now I am approaching my senior year and studying for a B.S. in Kinesiology. I hope to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy. During my free time, I love to watch romance films and listen to music. Overall, I just love to relax and take my mind off of things. However, I am very excited for this upcoming school year and for the future of Tau Sigma. I can’t wait to begin this great and eventful year!

Joel Osagie, Treasurer

My name is Joel Osagie and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve had the opportunity to transfer to the University of Maryland after brief stops at Towson University and Anne Arundel Community College. Since my arrival on campus, I felt that there is no better place than College Park to pursue my degree in finance. The Smith School of Business has been instrumental in my growth as a business student. Along the way, I had the pleasure in serving roles both in my community for non-profit organizations and in the professional workplace. I enjoy working in teams and helping others to achieve goals. As treasurer, I plan to introduce new and innovative strategies to support Tau Sigma’s growth.

Carolina Velloso, Director of Communications

Hello! My name is Carolina Velloso and I'm a senior majoring in History. Last fall, I transferred to Maryland from the University of Brasilia in Brazil, where I'm originally from. I'm a huge baseball fan (go Yankees!) and in my spare time, I love watching movies! I'm really happy to be at UMD and to serve as Director of Communications for Tau Sigma!

Monique Martinez, Director of Community Engagement

Hello Everyone! My name is Monique Martinez and I was born in Pasadena California, but I’ve lived in Maryland most of my life. I am currently a senior here at the University of Maryland, majoring in Elementary Education. I have been working at a Daycare for over 6 years, and have done lots of volunteer work with children, so I can safely say my life is full of kids, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Working with kids has shown me the importance of building a sense of community, so I look forward to my position as Director of Community Engagement because I want to feel like a bigger part of the UMD community, and want to help other transfers feel the same!

Corrine Wilkinson, Community Service Chair

Hey!  My name is Corri, and I am from Middletown, Maryland.  I am a senior year psychology major planning to go into counseling.  Outside of my studies I am (as you can see) the community service chair for Tau Sigma, and the peer minister for CARing Kids.  I am excited to work hard in each of these positions!  In my spare time I love going on various adventures, and traveling.  It is my hope that I will not only excel in my own position in Tau Sigma, but help your experience be more fulfilling as well!