Office of the Undergraduate Student Ombudsperson

The Ombuds Office works to ensure that undergraduate students receive fair and equitable treatment in matters of concern or complaints involving the university. The office assists students with resolving issues with the university. These issues include those in which students are unsure where to go for assistance or those that may not be easily addressed through established policies or procedures. The ombudsperson provides information on university policies and procedures, makes referrals to appropriate campus colleagues who may be helpful with resolving issues, and sometimes facilitates the resolution of problems.

About the Office of the Ombudsperson

The Undergraduate Ombudsperson is Ann C. Smith, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, 2100 Marie Mount Hall, University of Maryland. She can be reached by email at: or by calling 301.405.9165.

The Undergraduate Student Ombudsperson is one member in a campus team of four ombuds offices, with the other three providing support for faculty , staff, and graduate students.

The Maryland Higher Education Commission has developed helpful information and procedures in Student Complaint Process - Institutions of Higher Education.

What We Will and Will Not Do

The ombudsperson will:

  • Listen to concerns and complaints

  • Answer questions or help find others who can

  • Help identify and explore options

  • Explain university policies and procedures

  • Make referrals to appropriate university offices

  • Be an advocate for fairness

The ombudsperson will not:

  • Replace or circumvent existing channels

  • Direct a University office to change a decision

  • Offer legal advice

  • Make decisions for you

  • Serve as a witness or advocate for an individual or area within the university

  • Set aside campus rules

Office of the Undergraduate Student Ombudsperson Location

The Undergraduate Student Ombudsperson is located at:
2100 Marie Mount Hall, College Park, MD 20742

Ombuds Office, 2130 Mitchell