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About the Faculty Fellows

Each year the Office of Undergraduate Studies sponsors a faculty learning community that addresses an issue of importance to undergraduate education. Weekly meetings are led by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center.

The Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellowship carries a $4,000 award in recognition of your contribution to improving undergraduate education, which may be applied to professional needs (e.g., course support, travel, research expenses, support for a graduate assistant, or other professional expenses) but may not be used for course buy outs. As a Fellow you will be asked to provide a departmental (FRS) account number and the name of your department’s business contact, for transfer of funds.

Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows must be on campus for the full academic year, and must be committed to playing an active role in the Fellows learning community.

Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows for 2016-2017
Academic Integrity and Student Learning

Academic integrity at UMD refers to cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, and plagiarism. The Faculty Fellows will investigate such questions as: How does academic integrity intersect with our teaching and learning expectations of students? Do expectations differ depending on discipline? Does technology influence academic integrity? What is the impact of technology, cultural differences, stress, faculty definition of integrity and how do we create environments that support academic integrity?

Fellows: John Buchner, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Romel Gomez, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Karen Hallows, Finance, Katherine Izak, National Center for Study of Terrorism and Response to Terror, Angela Jones, Bioengineering, Erin Moody, Economics, Alan Peel, Astronomy, Yanir Rubinstein, Mathematics, Linda Schmidt, Mechanical Engineering, Anne Simon, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Katherine Stanutz, English, and Kerry Trip, Family Sciences.

Past Faculty Fellows

Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows 2015-2016: Learning from Student Work

Fellows: Alan Neustadtl, Sociology; Catherine VanNetta, Biology; David Tomblin, College Park Scholars; Doug Kern, English; Jo Paoletti, American Studies; Kasso Okoudjou, Mathematics; Keryn Gedan, Biology; Kimberly Coles, English; Richard Yi, Psychology; Sarah Mallory; Education

Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows 2014-2015: The Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching a Large Enrollment Course

Fellows: Peggy Antonisse, Linguistics; Progyan Basu, Accounting; Tonia Bleam, Linguistics; David Buehrle, Physics; James Butler, Behavioral & Community Health; Kenneth Frauwirth, Biology; Lee Friedman, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Frances Gulick, Mathematics; Michael Keller, Biology; Susan Moeller, Journalism; Dan Moller, Philosophy; Justicia Opoku, Biology; L. Jen Shaffer, Anthropology; and Patricia Shields, Biology

In previous years the Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows existed as the Lilly Fellows.

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