Student Oral Communication

Teaching to Promote Academic Integrity

The University of Maryland is one of a small number of the nation’s leading colleges and universities with an honor code. The University takes academic dishonesty very seriously. If a student is found responsible for violating the Code of Academic Integrity, the penalties are severe. The Office of Student Conduct resolves more than 500 allegations of Academic Dishonesty each year. It is important that all members of the University community become familiar with the Code of Academic Integrity to help promote a community of trust on our campus. (UMD Academic Conduct Guide For Faculty, p.7)

As a faculty member, what can you do to promote academic integrity?

How well do you and your course promote academic integrity?

Look at the suggestions in the Faculty Readiness Rubric on Academic Integrity to gauge how well you promote academic integrity in your teaching.

The rubric was developed by the 2016-2017 Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows and approved by the Office of Student Conduct.

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