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Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows

About the Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Fellows Program is on an hiatus for the 2019 - 2020 academic year.

Each year the Office of Undergraduate Studies sponsors an opportunity for a small cohort of faculty to participate in a faculty learning community addressing an important issue relevant to undergraduate education. The Office of Undergraduate Studies leads the weekly learning community meetings. Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows must be on campus for the fall semester and available for open house events in the spring semester. Faculty Fellows must be committed to playing an active role in the UGST Faculty Fellows Learning community

Past Faculty Fellows

Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows 2017-2018: Creating Community from the I-Series Experience

Richard Bell, History; Timothy Canty, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences; Bernard Cooperman, History; Najib El-Sayed, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Oliver Gaycken, English;  Abigail McEwen, Art History; Cynthia   Martin, School of Languages; Literatures and Cultures; Kasso Okoudjou, Mathematics; Beth St. Jean, iSchool; Ebony Terrell Shockley, Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership; and Juan Uriagereka, Linguistics.

The 2017-2018 fellows developed I-Series courses for the Carillon Communities Living Learning program. Each course includes a semester long team project addressing the I-Series course big question and focuses on the Carillon Community mission to promote an environment where first year students develop a sense of belonging and trust to support their academic success and innovative thought.

Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows for 2016-17 Academic Integrity and Student Learning

Fellows: John Buchner, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Romel Gomez, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Karen Hallows, Finance, Katherine Izak, National Center for Study of Terrorism and Response to Terror, Angela Jones, Bioengineering, Erin Moody, Economics, Alan Peel, Astronomy, Yanir Rubinstein, Mathematics, Linda Schmidt, Mechanical Engineering, Anne Simon, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Katherine Stanutz, English, and Kerry Trip, Family Sciences.

The 2016-17 Faculty Fellows developed the Faculty Readiness Rubric on Academic Integrity to gauge how well faculty promote academic integrity in their teaching. The rubric was approved by the Office of Student Conduct, and is part of the University of Maryland General Education Program's web page on Teaching to Promote Academic Integrity.


Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows 2015-2016: Learning from Student Work

Fellows: Alan Neustadtl, Sociology; Catherine VanNetta, Biology; David Tomblin, College Park Scholars; Doug Kern, English; Jo Paoletti, American Studies; Kasso Okoudjou, Mathematics; Keryn Gedan, Biology; Kimberly Coles, English; Richard Yi, Psychology; Sarah Mallory; Education

Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows 2014-2015: The Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching a Large Enrollment Course

Fellows: Peggy Antonisse, Linguistics; Progyan Basu, Accounting; Tonia Bleam, Linguistics; David Buehrle, Physics; James Butler, Behavioral & Community Health; Kenneth Frauwirth, Biology; Lee Friedman, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Frances Gulick, Mathematics; Michael Keller, Biology; Susan Moeller, Journalism; Dan Moller, Philosophy; Justicia Opoku, Biology; L. Jen Shaffer, Anthropology; and Patricia Shields, Biology

In previous years the Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows existed as the Lilly Fellows.