Study Abroad and CORE Requirements

Students may use study abroad to earn credit toward University of Maryland CORE Distributive and/or Advanced Studies requirements. All students considering study abroad must meet with a Study Abroad Advisor and complete the Permission to Study Abroad form (available at the Study Abroad Office). The Study Abroad Office determines if the course work will be completed through an accredited academic program and be eligible for transfer credit. Upon approval, the number of credits will be determined for each course. How the courses will apply to a student's graduation requirements will be determined by the student's advising college. CORE Distributive Studies equivalencies (if applicable) must be shown clearly on the Study Abroad form with approvals from the UM academic departments which offer similar courses. CORE Advanced Studies criteria also apply to Study Abroad courses students wish to count toward CORE Advanced Studies. Some college/departmental guidelines and restrictions may apply.

Participation in a study abroad program with the successful completion and transfer of at least 9 credits abroad automatically waives a student's CORE Human Cultural Diversity requirement.

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