Elements of the CORE Program
Fundamental Studies

Fundamental Studies courses help you strengthen the mathematical and writing skills you will need to communicate effectively in your university courses and in the modern world. Building your career and future without the powerful tools of mathematics and writing can be as tough as driving nails with your bare hands.

The Introduction to Writing and Mathematics requirements must be attempted by the time the student has reached the 30-credit level and must be successfully completed by the time the student has reached the 60-credit level. The Professional Writing requirement may be taken only when the student has reached the 60-credit level or higher.

The Fundamental Studies requirement is nine credits as follows:

I. English Composition (6 credits, 2 courses)

  • Academic Writing (3 credits)

    ENGL 101, 101A, 101H, 101X and other suffixed versions of ENGL 101
    Please refer to the Academic Writing Program website for the most up to date listing of all course options, exemptions, and restrictions. Selection is determined by student’s proficiency in producing standard edited English, or by participation in the University’s Honors Program (101H). Students with low SAT verbal scores or who have difficulty with grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph organization should take 101A. Students for whom English is a second language should consider taking ENGL 101X in place of ENGL 101.

    Exemption from the Academic Writing Requirement:
    • AP English Language and Composition test score of 4 or 5, or
    • SAT verbal score 670 or above[1]

    [1]In April 1995, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) recentered the scores on the SAT. If taken before April 1995, one must have received a score of 600 or above to be exempt from Freshman Writing. This recentering does not reflect a raising of the requirement for exemption, but a change in the scoring system which the ETS uses.
  • Professional Writing (3 credits)

    There are multiple offerings of ENGL 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395 and 398. Please refer to the Professional Writing Program website for the most up to date listing of all course options, exemptions, and restrictions.

    Exemption from Professional Writing Requirement:
    • Grade of "A" in ENGL 101 (not ENGL 101A or ENGL 101X), except for students majoring in Engineering. All Engineering majors must take ENGL 393.
    • No exemption from the Professional Writing requirement will be granted for achievement on the SAT verbal exam. Professional Writing courses cannot be used to fulfill Advanced Studies requirements.

II. Mathematics (3 credits, 1 course)

  • MATH 110, 112, 113, or 115, or any 100- or 200-level MATH or STAT course, except MATH 199, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, and 274.
  • Exemptions from the Mathematics Requirement:
    • SAT Math score 600 or above; OR
    • AP score of 4 or above in Calculus AB or BC; OR
    • AP score of 4 or above in Statistics effective Fall 2004;OR
    • CLEP Calculus Exam score of 50 or higher.


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