Elements of the CORE Program
Human Cultural Diversity

Diversity Statement and Requirement

Human Cultural Diversity courses give you the chance to examine your ideas and values in the light of an unfamiliar intellectual or social context. At the University of Maryland at College Park, we are committed to expanding our range of vision and to challenging all narrowness of thinking about human diversity. These courses will heighten your appreciation of difference itself and increase your ability to learn from people, cultures, ideas, and art forms different from those you know best.

One course (three credits) is required. You may complete this course any time before graduation. Diversity courses include both lower-level (100- and 200-level) and upper-level (300- and 400-level) courses.

Adding cultural diversity to CORE courses in general has always been an important CORE goal. This goal has had much success. Many CORE Distributive Studies courses include diverse aspects drawn from both Western and Non-Western traditions and cultures, and from the works of women, minority groups, and sub-cultures. What is the difference between these courses and courses approved for CORE Human Cultural Diversity? CORE Human Cultural Diversity courses focus primarily on one or more of the following areas:

  • The history, status, treatment, or accomplishments of women or minority groups and subcultures
  • Non-Western culture
  • Concepts and implications of diversity

Double counting Diversity courses

When a course has been approved for the Human Cultural Diversity requirement, as well as CORE Distributive Studies, that course may be applied to both requirements. When an approved Human Cultural Diversity course (outside your major) also meets the criteria for CORE Advanced Studies, that course may be applied to both requirements. Thus, a single course may satisfy two CORE requirements. Some CORE Diversity courses may also be used to fulfill college, major, or supporting area requirements. Check with your academic advisor if you have questions about double counting courses.


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