CORE Distributive Studies
Sciences and Mathematics

Math or Formal Reasoning Non-Lab
(CORE Code: MS)

Course Number
Course Title
BMGT 289I Why Good Managers Make Bad Decisions?
GEOG 170 Introduction to Methods of Geospatial Intelligence and Analysis
HONR 228A Science and Pseudoscience: An Investigative Approach
HONR 229P Mathematics & Art
HONR 258N Philosophy and Computers (also as PHIL 209P)
MATH 111 Introduction to Probability
MATH 130 Calculus I for the Life Sciences
MATH 131 Calculus II for the Life Sciences
MATH 140 Calculus I
MATH 141 Calculus II
MATH 220 Elementary Calculus I
MATH 221 Elementary Calculus II
PHIL 170 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 209P Philosophy and Computers
STAT 100 Elementary Statistics and Probability

Current as of: 10/2011

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