CORE Distributive Studies
Sciences and Mathematics

Life Sciences Lab
(CORE Code: LL)

(D) listed after a course indicates that this course also double counts as Human Cultural Diversity.

Course Number
Course Title
ANTH 220
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
BSCI 103
The World of Biology
BSCI 105
Principles of Biology I
BSCI 106
Principles of Biology II
BSCI 122
Microbes and Society
BSCI 124/125
Plant Biology for Non-Science Students and Laboratory**
BSCI 201
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSCI 223
General Microbiology
BSCI 224
Animal Diversity
CHEM 104
Fundamentals of Organic and Biochemistry
ENST 200
Fundamentals of Soil Science (formerly NRSC 200)
PLSC 100
Introduction to Horticulture
PLSC 101
Introduction to Crop Sciences

**Both courses must be taken in the same semester.

Current as of: 04/23/2010

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