CORE Distributive Studies
Sciences and Mathematics

Life Sciences Non-Lab
(CORE Code: LS)

(D) listed after a course indicates that this course also double counts as Human Cultural Diversity.

Course Number
Course Title
ANSC275 Vet Med Sci & Practice  
AREC 200 The Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem: Intersection of Science, Economics, and Policy (A Marquee Course)  
BSCI 120 Insects  
BSCI 126 Pollinators in Crisis (A Marquee Course)  
BSCI 205 Environmental Science  
BSCI 206 Chesapeake: A Living Resource  
BSCI 215 Global Sustainability: A Biologist's Perspective (I-Series Course)  
ENST 100 International Crop Production-Issues and Challenges in the 21st Century (formerly NRSC 100)  
ENST 105 Soil and Environmental Quality (formerly NRSC 105)  
HONR 209O The Science of Sleep and Biological Rhythms  
HONR 239F Plants & Empires: Historical Consequences & Contemporary Issues  
HONR 268K Beyond the Hype of Medical Miracles: Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, and Other Cutting-edge Medical Research  
HONR 279G The Biological Basis of Mental Illness  
HONR 289A The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Infectious Disease  
HONR 289C History of Evolutionary Thought  
KNES253/KNES253H Gen.-Mod. Humans (was KNES289X & 289H) (I-Series course) D
KNES 260 Science of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health  
NFSC 100 Elements of Nutrition  
NFSC 112 Food: Science and Technology  
PLSC189I Specialty Crops: Plantation Agriculture to Globalization (I-Series course)  
PLSC 203 Plants, Genes, and Biotechnology  

Current as of: July 2012

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