CORE Distributive Studies
Interdisciplinary and Emerging Issues

(CORE Code: IE)

Optional category, effective beginning Fall 2005.

(D) listed after a course indicates that this course also double counts as Human Cultural Diversity.

Course Number
Course Title
AASP 189I HIV/AIDS in a Global Perspective (I-Series Course) D
BMGT 110 Introduction to the Business Value Chain  
BMGT 289E Entrepreneurial Thinking for Non-Business Majors: How Not to Miss Great Opportunities Your Life Throw at You (I-Series course)  
CMSC 102 Introduction to Information Technology  
CMSC 122 Introduction to Computer Programming via the Web  
PHYS 199M The Manhattan Project (I-Series course)  
ENCE 189I Managing Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, and Fires (I-Series course)  
ENCE 289I Engineering the Developing World (I-Series course)  
ENEE 131 Technology Choices  
ENEE 200 Social and Ethical Dimensions of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology  
ENES 210 Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis and Decision-making in 21st Century Technology Ventures  
ENST 214 Introduction to Fish and Wildlife Sciences  
GEMS 104 Topics in Science, Technology and Society (STS)  
HIST 219T Text Second Temple Period (also as JWST 231) D
HLTH 285 Controlling Stress and Tension  
HONR 219T Surviving Natural Disasters: Learning from Hurricane Katrina, Big Earthquakes, and Other Natural Hazards  
HONR 228I History of Mathematics (also as MATH 274)  
HONR 248N Extinction Risk: Where Biology, Geography and Mathematics Meet  
HONR 248P Beyond 9/11: Stress, Survival, and Resilience  
HONR 267 Knowledge Across Disciplines  
HONR 268Y Creative Futures (for fall 2011 [1108] only)  
HONR 269X Faith in Science: Intersections between Science and Religion  
HONR 279O Counterterrorism  
HONR 298T Rip, Mix and Burn: Social Creativity Online  
HONR 298Z Science and Journalism: The Two Societies in the 21st Century  
INFM 289J Social Media (I-Series course)  
JOUR 175 Media Literacy D
JOUR 289F Beyond Facebook (I-Series course)  
JWST 231 Text Second Temple Period (also as HIST 219T) D
MATH 274 History of Mathematics (also as HONR 228I)  
PHIL 261 Philosophy of the Environment  
PHIL 280 Perspectives on the Mind: Philosophy and Cognitive Science  
PLSC 171 Introduction to Urban Ecosystems (formerly NRSC 171)  
PLSC 289I Greening Cities: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Who Cares? (I-Series Course)  
PUAF 201 Leadership for the Common Good  
WRLD 235 The Power of Water: Politics, Technology, and Development of the Mekong River  

Current as of: July 2012

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