CORE Distributive Studies
Social Sciences and History

Social and Behavioral Science
(CORE Code: SB)

(D) listed after a course indicates that this course also double counts as Human Cultural Diversity.

Course Number
Course Title
AASP 101 Public Policy and the Black Community  
AAST 200 Introduction to Asian American Studies (also as AMST 298C) D
AMST 207 Contemporary American Cultures D
AMST 260 American Culture in the Information Age  
AMST 298C Introduction to Asian American Studies (also as AAST 200) D
ANTH 240 Introduction to Archaeology D
ANTH 260 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology and Linguistics D
ANTH 262 Culture and Environment D
ANTH 298E Anthropological Approaches to Sustainable Development  
ANTH 298F Gender and Anthropology D
ANTH 298G Cultures of the World D
AREC 240 Introduction to Economics and the Environment  
AREC 250 Elements of Agricultural and Resource Economics  
BIOE 150 Bioengineering: Applied Ethics and Public Policy  
BMGT289L The Proper Role of Government in a Free Enterprise System (I-Series Course)  
BSOS289I Playing the Market (I-Series Course)  
CCJS 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice  
CCJS 105 Introduction to Criminology  
CPSP 227 Science, Technology, and Society  
ECON155 Economics & the College Affordability Crisis (I-Series course)  
ECON 200 Principles of Micro-Economics  
ECON 201 Principles of Macro-Economics  
EDCI 288B Networked Intelligence: Learning, Living, and Connecting Smarter in the Digital Age (I-Series course)  
EDCP 220 Introduction to Human Diversity in Social Institutions D
EDHD 230 Human Development and Societal Institutions D
GEOG 100 Introduction to Geography  
GEOG 130 Developing Countries D
GEOG 202 Introduction to Human Geography  
GVPT 100 Principles of Government and Politics  
GVPT101 Introduction Political Science  
GVPT105 Intro Political Ethics  
GVPT 170 American Government  
GVPT 200 International Political Relations  
GVPT 205 Special Topics in International Studies  
GVPT 250 Introduction to International Negotiation D
GVPT 289F Does Democracy Have a Future? (I-Series Course)  
GVPT 289I State Failure & Development Traps (I-Series Course)  
HESP 120 Introduction to Linguistics  
HLTH 130 Introduction to Public and Community Health  
HLTH 230 Introduction to Health Behavior  
HONR 209J Why is Good Government so Difficult  
HONR 209T Cities and the World -- Globalization & Urban Development  
HONR 218W The Idea of Crime  
HONR 219B Food for Health: How Food Production Methods Affect Our Health and the Environment  
HONR 219Y Merging the Multiple Me's: Developmental Origins of the Integrated Adult Self  
HONR 238J From Policy to Law: How Government Makes Rules that Affect our Lives  
HONR 248H From Willowbrook to Attica: Delinquency in the Context of Disability D
HONR 249I The Examined Life  
HONR 249J Economics and the Environment  
HONR 249M The American South from a (Mostly) Sociological Perspective D
HONR 258Y Economic Well-Being  
HONR 268D Living Heroically: Poverty in America D
HONR 268P Drugs and American Society  
HONR 278W Mind and Brain: At the Interface of Neural Systems and Cognition  
HONR 288L Medical Devices: Applied Ethics and Public Policy  
HONR 288W Economics, Markets, and Social Policy: How the World Works (and Doesn't Work)  
HONR 289B Just a Mile Away: The Langley Park Neighborhood and the Making of a New America D
HONR 299A Creating Alternative Futures  
JOUR 150 Introduction to Mass Communication  
KNES 287 Sport and American Society D
KNES 289Y The In/Active City: the Physical Cultures of Metropolitan Baltimore D
LASC 100 Challenge of the Cities (also as URSP 100)  
LGBT 200 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies D
LING 200 Introductory Linguistics  
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology  
PSYC 221 Social Psychology  
PSYC 289D Living the Good Life (I-Series Course)  
PSYC 289E The Psychology of Evil (I-Series Course)  
SOCY 100 Introduction to Sociology  
SOCY 105 Introduction to Contemporary Social Problems  
SOCY 227 Introduction to the Study of Deviance  
SOCY 241 Inequality in American Society D
URSP 100 Challenge of the Cities (also as LASC 100)  
URSP 289Q Quality of Urban Life (I-Series course) D
USLT 202 U.S. Latina/o Studies II: A Contemporary Overview 1960's to Present D
WMST 200 Introduction to Women's Studies: Women and Society D

Current as of: July 2012

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