Group photo Advisory Committee members
2015 committee (top row left to right): Paulanne Walker, Christa Cooper, Jessica Stein, Ebony Fullwood.
(bottom row left to right): Angela Mazur-Gray, Megan Forbes Cleaver, Tiara Lowe, Peter DeCrescenzo, Michael Brick, Alicia Thomas.
(not pictured): Lisa Kiely, Erin Thiel Caporellie, Jennifer Froh, Randall Phyall.

The theme of this year's conference is, "Celebrating 20 Years of Fearless Advising: Empowering Ourselves to Empower Our Students."  The theme for this year was chosen to reflect the message of our keynote speaker, Dr. Terrell Lamont Strayhorn. 

Dr. Strayhorn is Director of the Center for Higher Education Enterprise. He is also Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Studies within the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. He has written and presented on a variety of topics, including student access and achievement, equity and diversity, impact of college on students, and student learning and development.

Breakout sessions, workshops, panels and guided discussions highlighting impactful advising initiatives will provide members of the academic advising community multiple opportunities and examples of how campus offices successfully adapt to new student challenges.   Participants will further explore how members of our campus community can learn from one another for the benefit of the students we advise.